Nestling the Karakoram and Himalayan mountain ranges along with the Indus River valley in her lap, Ladakh is a plateau region with highest altitude in India (ranging over 3,000m). Ladakh was born over 45 million years ago with the folding of the Indian plate on to the static land-mass of Asia. The Himalayas came into being from the base material of the Indian plate, Zanskar Range constitute levels of residue from the ocean floor and the colossal heat produced by the friction between the two plates brought to life the Ladakh range made of granite. In Ladakh, the space which seals the meeting of the two continental regions is directed towards southern Indus Valley. As the drift still continues, the region experiences
recurrent earthquakes. The high mountain pass of Zoji-la is surrounded by ranges who reach up to 5500m over the sea level. As you move towards the south-east, Zoji-la opens gates to ranges of higher altitude fathered by the grandiose Nun-Kun whose two summits range over 7000m.


Sikkim-Zanskar-Himalayan-ZHE4Sikkim has been the breeding ground of adventure for thousands of trekkers and travelers over the years. With her curly and thick snow-covered mountains, Sikkim lures travelers with her pristine environment and pleasant weather. Bundled with a diverse range of flora and fauna, Sikkim has become home to multitude of adventure activities- to name a few: river rafting, birds and butterfly watching, mountain biking and paragliding. Sikkim washes over you as the waters of a holy river and brings peace to your heart and repose to your body. The greyness of city is painted over with a canvas of colors overflowing in Sikkim’s palm.



The Himalayas hides within her folds the mighty Kingdom of Bhutan. Revered for the purity of nature and glory of the monuments, Bhutan brings to your hands the gift of tranquility and companionship. With one of the most welcoming local communities, ZHE has formed close ties with village. This has made possible India’s first unique 13-day trekking route through the Himalayas. Galloping through the thick of wild rhododendron forest, we follow the footsteps of the nomadic yak herders- rolling into the mild meadows covered with the beauty of wildflowers; we dip ourselves into the trout-filled streams and join hands with the nature- observing the life of nomads whose simplicity and magnificence is reflected in their daily life- through the series of minute tasks like making of butter, cooking over open fire. Travelers come to the base of the holy mountain Chomolhari revitalized to experience life with a transformed worldview. The travelers get time to acclimatize themselves to the environment through gradual climb sprinkled with visits to cultural centers of Thimphu and Paro.



Seated on the western Himalayan throne of rocky crests, Himachal Pradesh is the haven of freshness and diversity, bringing rest and verveto every body and mind wrought with city air. The undulating foot-hills, wild traveler-towns, unending apple orchards, exalted hill stations and the deserts of Spiti and Lahaul set in high- elevations are only some of the honors who crowd the HP hall of fame. The misty mountains shudder out the city dullness and bring to life travelers from their deep slumbers. The terrain above Himachal includes Dhaula Dhar and Pir Panjal which are ideal sites for a range of adventure tasks like skiing, trekking, rafting and also for a little soul-searching through Buddhist meditation.



Enclosing in her folds eight of the fourteen highest mountains (over 8,000 m) in the world, Nepal secretly shelters kingdoms of forests and diverse wildlife on regions over the bustling towns on her foot. Any place in Nepal is infused with the spell of enchantment that opens your heart to the multifarious forms of life that inhabit our Earth. Those finding paradise after their lives will be dumbfounded by the paradise that lies facing them in the arms of Nepal: lively farmland with life-giving rivers and streams, quiet forests bubbling with life. Nepal has something to offer to every person: the silent watchers, the spirited adventure-lover, the calm book-reader, the weary city-toddler. Adventure activities include rafting, trekking, hiking and others. The inclusivity of the lands and affability of the people has brought Nepal a series of travel-awards as ‘crown of the universe, ‘petite country with infinite ethnicities’, ‘nation of living deities’, ‘land of endless festivals’ and so on. Every label comes with million stories which travelers experience as they walk on the invigorating land of Nepal.