Zanskar Himalayan Exploration (ZHE)

Zanskar Himalayan Exploration (ZHE) is an avenue for secure and green adventures in the Himalayas. The exploration of Himalayas brings us face-to-face with her glory and rejuvenating spirit. In the land of purity, we ensure that our presence is felt as green human beings who only leave their footprints and spiritually diffuse anxieties to the vastness of Himalayas. Every trip is built on this foundational principle of green exploration and spiritual upliftment. This is carried out by education of our staff and training of clients prior to the trips about our unique strategy of trekking. Every trip unfolds like a life starting out with great passion, carried through with discipline and ending with richness and fullness of experience. Apart from exploration trips, our principle is upheld through our yearly clean-up treks through the major trekking routes. Our aim remains to preserve the pristine and delicate ecosystem of Himalayas and also to ensure that the local community and future trekkers experience Ladakh as a clean and healthy home.

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How We Work

Zanskar Himalayan Exploration is a family of trained mountain guides and mountaineers who hail from different Himalayan regions of India. Our communication with one another is stabilized and ensured through: internet correspondence (mail) and cellular communication (audio and video calls). These lines of communication make sure that we are there for each other throughout every trip, letting the trip be a transparent process where every individual is aware of the developments and procedures.

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Our Tours

Prior to the construction of the itinerary for a tour, we ensure the mapping of the area and the possible activities. This ensures that every trip is customized to the needs and requirements of the trekkers and the capacities of the region. Our client list includes series of regular groups from various countries who have not only fallen in love with our sincere treatment of the trip but with the humane practices that envelop our dealings.

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Our strength:

Laden with high experience of the mountains for over 11 years, the Himalayas are home to us. We see and take care of the ranges as we do to our own families. We have been well known for our customer-oriented trekking trips where all information is transparently shared. The bedrock of our trips is a love for trekking and compassion for humanity. For these reasons, we have rarely received a word of complaint but this has not hindered us from continually evolving our strategies for your service.

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Over 11 years of experience in mountaineering and trekking, ZHE specializes in planning and execution of special-interest and eco tours. Our team member _______________ has been the management pillar for us apart from the strong hands and faithful hearts of ______________, ___________________, ___________________, ________________ and ________________.

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 Mr. Stanzin Chotchan (Director)

Our aim remains to preserve the pristine and delicate ecosystem of Himalayas and also to ensure that the local community and future trekkers experience Ladakh as a clean and healthy home.

Why Choose Us

Responsible Tourism
ZHE is a family of mountain-lovers. Having seen tourism become a business wrought with mechanical tours, we began with the objective of bringing to tourism a human face of green trips. Today, we undertake over a hundred trips every month where every trip is a culmination of the experiences of all who are a part of it- who become a part of the Himalays as they travel through her with us. Generally, the local community remains foreign to the travelers. However, under the guidance of ZHE, travelers feel at home in the communities.
Minimizing the environmental impact
While on trip, our most important aim remains to avoid carrying of any unrequired package which could become a source of waste. The waste of the group is disposed only at Leh. Prior to the trip, the travelers are instructed about the ZHE-green methods which include the need to return personal non-organic litter to Leh and avoid any form of harmful littering. Apart from our own individual efforts, we also stand as a protector of the mountains and pick up any waste possible during the trail.

A bucket of water is collected from the stream or river on the trail to wash dishes. This ensures that the dishes do not cause any harm to the water bodies. Travelers are also advised to prevent use of shampoo and soap while using the rivers and streams. We are proud to say that our past has brought us in touch with immensely sensitive travelers who avoid every form of pollution possible.

Facilities of toiletry are located outside the campsites by the members of ZHE staff. This confines the region of effect to the toilet site alone. During the trail, in case of any nature-calls, the travelers are recommended to relieve at a site distant from any possible source of water and also, in case of high altitudes, to use disposal of paper through burning to allow decomposition.

To ensure the health of our travelers, boiled drinking water is provided throughout the trip. This also keeps to a minimum the use of packaged and flavored drinks. Trekkers are encouraged to use the water refill shop or the water purification systems at Leh for their drinking water during the trek.

Preserving Culture
Zanskar Himalayan Exploration is a company under the ownership and management of natives of Ladakh. For this reason, we let you meet our culture and society in a unique way. Respect and protection of our cultural heritage and social environment holds high significance for us and therefore, every experience you have with ZHE is painted with care and trust we have woven into our region.

We saw the mechanical nature of tourism and sought to bring the humane touch to visiting places. Prior to every trip, the travelers are acquainted with the tradition and customs of the region to ensure that they can explore the region with great respect and care. Manner of approaching the locals, form of clothing and conduct in the local regions is of utmost importance to us. Travelers are also advised to avoid distribution of any form of material goods in the area which could encourage a culture of begging. We see the land not as a road to be trodden on but a living organism with whom we share our lives. In line with our beliefs, we remember that visiting footprints must never leave deep wounds on the ground. 

Long term focus
Zanskar Himalayan Exploration is built on bedrock of concern for the Himalayas and her inhabitants. The local community remains companion to our company and the travelers throughout all trips. In order to ensure green trips, we strictly follow the principle of sustainable development. Our income is fairly distributed among the members of our team who are also insured by ZHE. In order to provide you an authentic experience of our culture, we attempt to reside in home-stays during visits. The primary intention during home-stays is to ensure that the local villages can derive income from profits produced by your stay. One of our most adventurous stays remains the trek into Markha village followed by Kharnak where home-stays are undertaken at Markha and stay at nomad’s camp at Kharnak.