Tsomoriri Lake Trek

On our way to Rumtse, we discover the orphic air of Thikse and Hemis monasteries. We reach Kyamar from Rumtse by walking. Passing through the deserted army camps, we transverse the river and continue trekking. Through Kyumur La and Mandalchan La, we arrive at Tisaling. Swerving in the enrapture of the quaint flowers, fatigue of the heavy climbing does not overpower us, leading us into the forked trail where one leafs into the Tsokarlake while another into Mandalchan La. Making a quick move, we move from Tisaling and pass over Shibuk La while immersing in the mystic sight of the Tsokarlake. Pangunagy makes way for us to Nuruchan. On our way, we intersect with pasturelands and then, the campsite. Trekking of about an hour takes us to Rachungkaru in the north-east. We proceed to Kyamayur La from here through a walk of about 2 hours via the Gyama La. Our next stop is Gyamalhoma and this leads us directly to Korzok now. Korzok Phu is the ground of the nomads- where transient camps are set up. Tsomiri forms the locus for much-needed break after which we drive to Leh moving through Chumathang and Maheybridge.

Intensity: Moderate

Tsomoriri Lake Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival at Delhi : The Zanskar Himalayan Exploration family awaits your arrival. Our representative welcomes you at the airport and escorts you to the hotel for your overnight stay.
  • Day 2: Delhi to Leh : You reach Leh via morning flight from Delhi. After settling into your guest house, the day is indrawn for complete rest and relaxation, allowing our bodies to adapt to the high-altitude climate.
  • Day 3: Leh to Shey to Thicksey : We schedule the day for a series of wondrous sites including monasteries from past ages. The Shey Gompa is placed approximately 15kms from Leh. Previously the summer residence for imperial families of Ladakh, it consists of various Stupas and Gompas in its premises. Born in early 17th century AD, the Shey Gompa was constructed under the care of Deldan Namgyal. The center of attention of this place is the Shakyamuni Buddha status of 12m placed in the Dresthang Gompa. Around 17kms from Leh is the Thiksey Gompa, in proximity to Shey Palace as well. Taken to be ranking among the marvels of Ladakh, this monastery is under the care of Gelukspa order.
  • Day 4: Leh to Rumtse : Elevation: 4,000m / 13,120feet, After a satiating breakfast, we trek to Kyamar for 4 hours. Halting at Hemis, we drop into the monastery and bask in its spiritual aura. Our trekking journey begins at Rumtse which welcomes us with the galactic zone of yaks grazing with its Changpas (the nomadic herdsmen). Our route takes us along the erstwhile salt-trail by the Kyamar valley.
  • Day 5: Kyamar to Kumur La to Tussling : Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Elevation: Kumar La at 4,770m/14,990feet and Tisaling at 4,805m/15,760feet : A ravine infused deep with the green life of the place welcomes you into Chorten Sumda. An simple walk for approximately an hour takes us to Kumar La whose crowning gives us the vision of the Kangyatse and the entire region of Indus Valley.

  • Day 6: Tisaling to Shibuk La to Pangunagu

Elevation: Shibuk La at 4,875m/15,990feet and Pangunagu at 4,800m/15,644feet : The summit lends us a dioramic sight of the Tsokar Lake (4,400m/14,432feet) and the Rupshu Valley. Moving down towards the lake, we savor the tradition of the place where nomads gather salt. Next to the winter-months’ camp of the nomad groups in Chanthang, we set up our camp for the night.

  • Day 7: Pangunagu to Nuruchan (Duration: 5 hours )

Elevation: Nuruchan at 4,630m/15,187feet

A smooth road adjacent to the lake takes us to Nuruchan. Enroute, we encounter the diverse flora and fauna of the region, including kyang (wild ass) of Ladakh and Tibet. Turning right from the route, we reach Nuruchan.

  • Day 8: Nuruchan to Horlam Kongka La to Kyamayuri La to Gyamabarma (Duration: 6 hours):

Elevation: Horlam Kongka La at 4,900m/16,072feet, Kyamayuri La at 5,410m/17,745feet and Gyamabarma at 4,950m/16,236feet

The trail for the eighth day will cover locations on high altitude and encompass crossing of two passes ranging 4,900m.

  • Day 9: Gyamabarma to Yalung Nyau La to Karzok (Duration: 6 hours) 

Elevation: Yalung Nyau La at 5,440m/17,844feet and Karzok at 4,550m/14,925feet : Travelling over the Yalung Nyau La embraces resplendent sights of the mountains, letting the air of peace breathe into you. We reach Korzok from the north-west banks of Tso Moriri, gracefully held as the ‘Mountain Lake’. We explore the Korzok monastery and settle in for the night at our camp site at lake.

  • Day 10: Karzok to Kyangdam (Duration: 6 hours and 30 minutes)

Elevation: Kyangdam at 4,550m/14,924feet : We move along the west coast of Tsomoriri to reach our destination. Kyangdam stands as the land of greenery with its vast pastures on the south side of shore.

  • Day 11: Kyangam to Narbu Sumdo (Duration: 6 hours)

Elevation: Narbu Sumdo at 4,450m/14,924feet : Getting across the river directs us towards a climb-up trail where we walk for amidst the ravishing glory of the region before entering the Parang Chu Valley.

  • Day 12: Narbu Sumdo to Parang Chu I (Duration: 5 hours)

Elevation: Parang Chu I at 4,850m/15,910feet : The right banks of river opens up gates to the imposing valley of Parang Chu over which we begin our climb.

  • Day 13: Parang Chu I to Parang Chu II (Duration: About 5 to 6 hours) : 

Elevation: Parang Chu II at 5,000m/16,400feet : The unpredictability of the mountain and her wilderness takes hold of our trail as we move in a zigzag pattern to reach Parang Chu II.

  • Day 14: Parang Chu II to Parang La to Jugstok (Duration: 7 hours)

Elevation: Parang La at 5,500m/18,040feet and Jugstok at 4,800m/15,744feet

Our meetings with glaciers begin with zeal. We join with the anterior side of the Parang glacier as we move towards the opposite shore of the river through a series of debris. Letting our footprints leave memories on lentigos of snow on the group, we make our way to Parang La. The beyond-earthly landscapes of Lahaul and Ladakh await our arrival at the crest of the pass. You can glimpse at Parang Chu- the locus of conception of the pass- from this summit.

  • Day 15: Jugstok to Kibber (Duration: 7 hours) 

Elevation: Kibber at 4,205m : We arrive at the Sampa Lungpa Valley through a sharp slide-down. Little far from a low-level pass lays the Thaltak La (4,600m) which gives us a window into remnant of the journey. Shilla along with Parilungbi in the Lingti Valley entreatingly look into the Thaltak La. Walking through our route, we reach the Dumla village, an island on the White Mountains. Passing through this village we reach Kibber. Placed at the spectral altitude of 4,205m, Kibber is the queen of villages lying on the highlands.

  • Day 16: Kibber to Kunzum La to Rohtang La to Manali (Duration: Approximately 8 to hours)

Elevation: Kunzum La at 4,590m/15,056feet and Rohtang La at 3,980m/13,055feet

The Taxi rolls our journey to Manali through the passes and the spread feet of the mountains at the divide of Changra Valley. We rest through the night at our hotel in Manali.

  • Day 17: Manali to Delhi : Following a luscious breakfast, we are on a move rubber-necking Hadimba temple, ancient Manali and the Vashist Village. The evening brings with it the card of farewell to the mountains, as we depart for Delhi by the AC Volvo Coach. Our journey takes place over the night.
  • Day 18: Arrival at Delhi and Boarding the Flight : We arrive at Delhi in the morning and ride to the hotel for resting and relaxation. After a sound roosting, we move to the airport in the evening, depending on our flight timings.



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